Baby Teith

I think it is fair enough to say that since having my daughter the effort I have put into my clothing has simmered down do a nonchalant could do better style.

My daughters wardrobe on the other hand is on fire. I for sure put all my passion and energy into her clothes. I also dress her a little bit like how I used to dress. But with less dog collars (I will leave that for her angry teen phase)

So let me just talk to you about Baby Teith and why discovering them has been a little bit like a wonderful trip down punk rock memory lane.

I would like to think I was tapping my toes to David Bowie The Kooks as a baby. I am sure I am exaggerating but my point is music was my love since as long as I can remember.
Records were always on, The Smiths were on loud. The kinks were like family. You tea partied with dolls, I tea partied with all the members of the Clash (imagine that)

I was a grunger, a goth, a punk. I danced to indie songs. I jived to Buddy Holly, I cried to Joni Mitchell and I wrote red nail varnish on my walls in homage to Nine Inch Nails and Typo O Negative. I worked for Sharon Osbourne.

This love of music meant that when I found out I was pregnant/then a mother, I was playing The Sonics to my bump. I was singing Pearl Jam and Louis Prima songs as Lullabies and I was whispering we will not like Coldplay in her ears.

Along came Baby Teith, an American clothing company making nostalgic tees for you and your children.
Clothes adorned with bands such as The Smiths, The Cure, Joy Division, Stone Roses and many many more. With tees that both you and your child can wear.
They are well made, they are fun, they are seriously cool.
Tiffe and Keith know music and they know clothes. This makes for a pretty epic shop.
A shop I wish I had known about when she was a baby as I would have loved to adorn her with little The Smiths bodysuits.

Parenthood can be tough, it can be a little groundhog day like. Which is why it is always to have a little fun expressing yourself and if Phoebe loves music as much as I do, then I have done it right, so right.

Head over to Baby Teith and use my 10% discount code asideorderofme

"Baby Teith is for you. It's for your darling rock-n-roll child. It's for the bold, retro, and nostalgic family who dig alternative bands of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Inspired by little kids at music festivals, living room dance parties, John Hughes films, post-punk records, and the joy of sharing music with your cool young humans."


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