What would Frida do?

We asked her, we listened. We drew a new line and created a new blog.
It feels amazing.
Starting something new is always rather daunting. It is opening yourself up to potential failure.
It is also exciting and we could all do with a bit of that.
I have given myself a challenge to take something on each week that gives me an uneasy feeling, something new, something needed but has been put off. Something to tackle.

I need this. recently I feel I have lost control. Yes I am a parent this comes hand in hand you may say but none the less it hurts and is exhausting.
It is also a contributing factor to my recent anxiety episodes, which quite frankly can get in the non recyclable bin.

So I am putting on my Frida cape, my eyeliner wings and maybe a little Bowie and I am grabbing each week by the flowery balls.

Welcome to my journey,



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